OPTIMI: Early Prediction and Prevention of Depression

Institute for Response-Genetics, Departement of Psychiatry (KPPP)

Psychiatric Hospital, University of Zurich


Why Should You Use this Voice App?

Lifestyle: Getting to Know Yourself Better

    (1) Get involved and learn more about the complex interplay between body and mind under high levels of stress caused, for example, by modern work conditions or by tight schedules and frequent examinations in college.

    (2) Learn more about your affects, the evolutionarily very old processes deep inside your body. Affects such as aggression, fear, anger, happiness, sadness, grief, or love, can be triggered through internal and external events, and are often accompanied by bodily reactions, such as sweat, rapidly increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, dizziness, and others.

    (3) Learn how regular voice recordings can improve your coping behavior under stress, so that you feel pretty comfortable, for example, when speaking in public — such that mean vocal pitch doesn’t go up by a halftone or so.

Subjects at Risk of Mood Disturbances

    (4) Get involved and learn how low mood reduces the dynamic expressiveness of your voice and how your voice sounds when it regains energy, vivacity and spiritedness.

    (5) Find out how helpful it is to go for a 20-minute walk, to ride a bicycle, or to do sports.

    (6) And best of all: getting involved on a routine basis is a great remedy to better cope with the ups and downs of real life.


    You may want to upload your voice recordings to our server in a strictly anonymous way and to share your data with the research community, thus helping to further improve this "voice app".

Voice App: Instructions for Use

voice app
We have developed a "voice app" for the analysis of speaking behavior and voice sound characteristics as a function of time and in a language-independent way. This easy-to-use "voice app" is currently available for Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones under Windows and Android. The iPhone version is in preparation.

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