OPTIMI: Early Prediction and Prevention of Depression

Institute for Response-Genetics, Departement of Psychiatry (KPPP)

Psychiatric Hospital, University of Zurich


SAVE — Save current modifications of databank

This program is used to make databank modifications permanent. When invoking the program package Master.GEN a copy of the underlying databank is generated automatically, and all transactions and modifications are performed on this copy. All modifications are lost unless they are made explicitly permanent through this program.

            Specificationlist:        SAVE
            I4 LG19                     19  Default-value
            I4 LG21                     21  Default-value
            I4 PROT                      0  Default-value
            I4 PASS              Undefined
            01 LG19 Logical unit number associated with "vox_parms.db"
            02 LG21 Logical unit number associated with "vox_spect.db"
            03 PROT Controls print output
            04 PASS A password is required for this task
            05 DEMO Examples that illustrate program function
            - LG19 = i: Logical unit number associated with "vox_parms.db"
            - LG21 = j: Logical unit number associated with "vox_spect.db"
            - PROT = 0: No print output
                   > 0: A report is generated
            - PASS = x: A password is required for this task
            - DEMO: Reset databank, load new case records, make them permanent


            &&START TESTDB=Zurich Speech Study
Fig. 04: Distribution of mean vocal pitch amplitude in healthy male speakers (ages 18-25 vs. 26-35 years), computed from the experimental condition of "reading out loud emotionally neutral text". This distribution is completely different from that of same age female speakers (Fig. F03), thus indicating that male - female differences in mean vocal pitch encompass not just the 1-octave shift in frequency but other characteristics as well.

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