OPTIMI: Early Prediction and Prevention of Depression

Institute for Response-Genetics, Departement of Psychiatry (KPPP)

Psychiatric Hospital, University of Zurich


TESTDB — Contents of databank, lists of cases and parameters

This program examines an existing databank and lists the actual contents, markers, cases, missing data, intra-family relations, and coding of ethnicity. Additionally, the program can be used to produce genetic maps in html-format either from databank or from external sources.

            Specificationlist:      TESTDB
            I4 LG19                     19  Default-value
            I4 LG21                     21  Default-value
            I4 PROT                      0  Default-value
            I4 LPRT                      6  Default-value
            I4 STUD                    600  Default-value
            I4 SRCE                      0  Default-value
            01 LG19 Logical unit number associated with "vox_parms.db"
            02 LG21 Logical unit number associated with "vox_spect.db"
            03 PROT Controls print output
            04 LPRT Logical unit number of print-file
            05 STUD Study number for which ident-file is to be generated
            06 SRCE Platform where source code resides
            07 DEMO Examples that illustrate program function
            - LG19:     Logical unit number of databank (vox_parms.db)
                        valid numbers are 18-19
            - LG21:     Logical unit number of databank (vox_spect.dbnew)
                        valid numbers are 20-21
            - PROT = 0: Short table of contents
                   = 1: Detailed table of contents
                   = 2: Generate ident-file for specified study "STUD"
                   = 3: Generate ZHQ-template for specified study "STUD"
                   = 9: Generate HTML-based program documentation
            - LPRT = v: Logical unit number of output file (mode=0-2: 30-45)
            - STUD = s: Study number for which ident-file is to be generated
            - SRCE = 0: Solaris system (PROT=9)
                   = 1: Microsoft Windows with dive "D" (PROT=9)
                   = 2: Microsoft Windows with dive "F" (PROT=9)
                   = 3: Microsoft Windows with dive "G" (PROT=9)
            - DEMO: Reset databank, load new case records, make them permanent


            &&START TESTDB=Zurich Speech Study
Fig. 03: Distribution of mean vocal pitch amplitude in healthy female speakers (ages 18-25 vs. 26-35 years), computed from the experimental condition of "reading out loud emotionally neutral text". This distribution is completely different from that of same age male speakers (Fig. F04), thus indicating that male - female differences in mean vocal pitch encompass not just the 1-octave shift in frequency but other characteristics as well.

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