OPTIMI: Early Prediction and Prevention of Depression

Institute for Response-Genetics, Departement of Psychiatry (KPPP)

Psychiatric Hospital, University of Zurich


LOADDB — Load vox-tapes into databank

This program loads case records into databank. Existing records can be overwritten if explicitly specified. A standard case record encompasses (1) study number, (2) group number, (3) proband number which is identical for all members of the proband's family, (4) intra-family relations with respect to proband according to code list, (5) gender, (6) age, (7) ethnicity according to code list, (8) case/control. Please note that genotype data can only be stored in databank if the respective case records exist.

            Specificationlist:      LOADDB
            A8 TANA              Undefined
            I4 NREC                      0  Default-value
            I4 IBM                       0  Default-value
            I4 RSET                      0  Default-value
            I4 REPL                      1  Default-value
            I4 PROT                      0  Default-value
            I4 LG30                     30  Default-value
            01 TANA Name of output file   (mode=0/1)
            02 NREC Number of files to be processed
            03 IBM  Specifies data format (IBM/SPARC vs. X86/X64)
            04 RSET Clears databank prior to data loading (!deletes all data!)
            05 REPL Replace pre-existing data within cases
            06 PROT Controls print output
            07 LG30 Logical unit number of input vox-file
            08 DEMO Examples that illustrate program function
            - TANA:     Name of the input tape ("NO" means that
                        DSN-name will not be checked)
            - NREC = n: Number of files to be processed
                   = 0: All files
            - IBM  = 0: Input data are stored in X86/X64-mode   (little endian)
                   = 1: Input data are stored in IBM/SPARC-mode (big endian)
            - RSET = 0: No effect
                   = 1: Deletes all pre-existing data prior to loading new data
            - REPL = 0: No effect
                   = 1: Overwrites pre-existing data within cases
            - PROT = 0: no protocol is produced
                   = 1: Detailed list of files being copied
                   = 2: same as (1) plus tape verification
            - LG30 = v: Logical unit number of output file (mode=0-2: 30-45)
            - DEMO: Reset databank, load new case records, make them permanent


            &&START OUTPUT
            &&START LOADDB=Load bli-tapes into databank (stud600_1)
            &&START LOADDB=Load bli-tapes into databank (stud600_2)
            &&START LOADDB=Load bli-tapes into databank (stud601)
            &&START LOADDB=Load bli-tapes into databank (stud602_1)
            &&START LOADDB=Load bli-tapes into databank (stud602_2)
            &&START LOADDB=Load bli-tapes into databank (stud602_3)
            &&START LOADDB=Load bli-tapes into databank (stud602_7)
Fig. 02: Energy and dynamics describe the loudness and the speaker's dynamic expressiveness within a given piece of speech. These parameters allow for testing the hypothesis that "flat affect" can be defined in terms of speech parameters through signals with low average energy per second and a standard deviations very much smaller than that of the norm. The latter, however, is neither a necessary nor a sufficient condition for "flat affect".

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