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Rating Instruments and Questionnaires

All rating instruments and questionnaires presented here are copyrighted. The material is for educational and reference purposes only.

Important Note: These rating instruments and questionnaires should only be used by professionals who understand the administration and uses of the material.

  • AGGRESS   Liste zur Erfassung von Aggressionen (German)
  • AMDP   Psychischer und somatischer Befund (German)
  • AMDP-E   Psychopathological Symptoms and Somatic Signs
  • BDI   Beck Depression Inventory
  • BESCHWERDE   Beschwerdeliste, D. v. Zerssen (German)
  • Bf-S   Befindlichkeits-Skala, D. v. Zerssen (German)
  • Bf-S'   Befindlichkeits-Skala (Parallelform), D. v. Zerssen (German)
  • BPRS   Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale
  • CGI   Clinical Global Impression Scale
  • COPE-D   Coping Strategies Inventory (German)
  • COPE-E   Coping Strategies Inventory (English)
  • COPE-F   Coping Strategies Inventory (French)
  • COPE-I   Coping Strategies Inventory (Italian)
  • COPE-S   Coping Strategies Inventory (Spanish)
  • COPE-S-AR   Coping Strategies Inventory (Argentina)
  • DES   Dissociation Experiences Scale
  • EPP   Ego-Psychopathology, Ch. Scharfetter
  • FPI   Freiburger Persönlichkeits-Inventar (German)
  • FPI-E   Freiburg Personality Inventory
  • GAF   Global Assessment of Functioning Scale
  • HAMA   Hamilton Anxiety Scale
  • HAMD   Hamilton Depression Scale
  • HAMD-G   Hamilton Depression Scale (German)
  • INSKA   Intentionalitäts-Skala, Ch. Mundt (German)
  • IPP   Ich-Psychopathologie, Ch. Scharfetter (German)
  • MEDIS   Medication and Side Effects, St. Kuny (English)
  • MEDIS-G   Medication and Side Effects, St. Kuny (German)
  • MPT   Münchner Persönlichkeits-Test (German)
  • PANSS   Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale
  • PANSS-G   Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (German)
  • SANS   Scale for the Assessment of Negative Symptoms
  • SAPS   Scale for the Assessment of Positive Symptoms
  • SCHMERZ   Schmerzfragebogen, K.J. Bär (German)
  • SCL90D   Gesundheitsfragebogen (German)
  • SCL90E   Symptom Check List
  • SSCL-16   SADS Syndrome Check List
  • SSCL-SUPPL   SADS Syndrome Check List, Supplement
  • Y-BOCS   Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale
  • ZGF-D   Zürcher Gesundheitsfragebogen für gesunde Kontrollpersonen (German)
  • ZGF-E   Zurich Health Questionnaire for healthy control subjects (English)
  • ZGF-F   Zurich Health Questionnaire for healthy control subjects (French)
  • ZGF-I   Zurich Health Questionnaire for healthy control subjects (Italian)
  • ZGF-S   Zurich Health Questionnaire for healthy control subjects (Spanish)
  • ZGF-S-AR   Zurich Health Questionnaire for healthy control subjects (Argentina)
  • ZLECL   Zurich Life Event Check List
  • ZLECL-D   Zürcher Liste bedeutsamer Lebensereignisse (German)


Fig. 7b: Time course of a patient's recovery from depression as reflected by HAMD-17 scores (green square points) assessed at two-day intervals over an observation period of two weeks, plus a final assessment at the time of discharge from hospital ("day63"). The corresponding change over time of the speech parameter "F0-amplitude" is also shown (red circle points) in order to demonstrate the close relationship between the two courses of development (the patient did not respond to therapy).
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